Perforated Metal Super Punching

Okutani Super Punching
Perforated Metal of Next Generation 3.0

About Super Punching (SuperPerf in the USA)

It was impossible to have stainless steel perforated with holes smaller than the thickness of the material; however, Super Punching did it! With this technology, Super Punching increases your product’s capabilities and strength, and reduces the cost even lower than that of the machining process! It is available in most popular patterns with a 60-degree staggered orientation. A higher percentage of open area is obtained, leading to more fields of application.

Superior Advantages

  • High-pressure resistance
  • Greater durability
  • Enhanced welding and fabrication
  • Significant cost savings
Okutani Super Punching

1. High Aspect Ratio by punching

  • A new type of perforated metal from advanced perforating technology.
  • A new process allowing the holes to be smaller than the material thickness.
  • Available in the most challenging metal – STAINLESS STEEL.
  • A super high-ratio metal that no other North American perforator can do!

New developed feature, X-High open area of Super Punching. Two Impossibles made Possible!

Okutani X-High Open area

2. X-High Open area

  • Excellent product for filtration (sound, liquid, light, etc.) applications.
  • Key advantages over wire mesh, such as higher structural integrity and the ability to leave some surfaces without holes to prevent spillage of product.
  • The hexagonal perforation provides an extremely high open area of up to 93.7%.
  • Available materials are Stainless Steel, Mild steel, Aluminium and CFRTP.

Applications: X-High Open Area is most desirable for applications that require the free flow of fluids, heat dissipation, pressure drops, acoustic absorption, and reduced weight. It’s apposite to Straightening filters, Supportive housing for air filters, Speaker covers, etc.

Contact us for a list of Super Punching standard materials and patterns. Custom patterns and sizes are available, too.

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