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Automate Entire CAE Processes

Integral Technology recently achieve innovative results that automate all CAE process including mesh generation from CAD data import to report generation after simulation!  This means we can say just that Integral can automate all CAE process.

Chicago River is Glowing Green Again

What ITA’s partner doing in St. Patrick’s Day? New weekly onigiri with organic green tea.

Last year, all the great celebrations and festivals had to be toned down in Chicago amid the COVID pandemic. Although Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parades have been canceled for the second year, the city officials surprised us on Saturday morning with the dyed green Chicago River, a long-held St. Patrick’s Day tradition for the city.

Meiji Corp ITA Factory Solution

Partner Success Stories – Meiji Corporation

Meiji Corporation has worked with a wide variety of clients on many different engineering projects. These services and many others are all available through Meiji Corporation’s Engineering Solutions Group. #AGC #AGV #automation #FA #factory #solution #kaizen #vision #plcs #sensors Omron Automation Daifuku Webb SmartCart AGC PATLITE (U.S.A.) Corporation Oriental Motor USA Meiji Corp Chicago Sales Team PROFACE #HMI #automotive

VIRTUAL APACC 18th Annual Buyers Event

We have uploaded about 8 mini-videos of the contents required for virtual sales and the virtual exhibition pattern on our YouTube. This time, the 18th annual APACC purchasing event (virtual event) was an event centered on Michigan’s automobile industry (although the location is no longer limited). Vfair and Swapcard have been used as the platformsContinue reading “VIRTUAL APACC 18th Annual Buyers Event”

Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications

A must-see YouTube featuring the best bending, twisting, resistant industrial and factory automation cables. OKI’s Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications【OKI公式】 Bendable. Twistable. This video introduces Oki Electric Cable’s robot cables, featuring excellent resistance to bending and twisting. Oki Electric Cable offers a wide range of robot cables that are highly resistant to bending and twisting.Continue reading “Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications”


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