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Natsuyo Effective Courses for Business Leaders

Global Business Communication Training Courses

Effective Courses for Business Leaders. Global Business Communication Training Courses by Natsuyo Lipschutz, a global Global Communications Strategist. We are proud and honored to introduce these three corporate communication courses.

Super RFID Construction

Super RFID Gives You Better Idea

Smart corp. has developed the Long Range Ultra Universal Smart Tag which shows 66.0 ft. to 98.0 ft. (20m to 30m) Long Range performance on the metal. The tag could be used under severe condition as shadowy condition etc. Solve your problems under metal, humidity or wet environment!


The New York Times – PARO Robot

We support sales of medical equipment (FDA acquired) and nursing robot PARO in the United States. This time, the nursing robot PARO was published in NY TIMES. With the new normal of corona sickness, it is no longer just effective for patients with autism and Alzheimer’s dementia.

person on green grass field

Japanese Tea into the US – LILIKU TEA

LILIKU TEA, the Japanese organic green tea we import, sell and support marketing in the United States, was participating the first Tea Festival in Chicago last year and received a lot of favors from the attendees. They are ready to come back this year!


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