PARO Supporting Ukraine and Poland


We don’t just sell PAROs in U.S. hospitals, caregivers, and nursing facilities.

About a month after the presentation of the PARO about the emotional support for the displaced persons from Ukraine to Poland, we held a media briefing on Friday, July 8 on the current situation and received several media mentions.
In particular, Nippon TV NNN had a video of children attending a psychiatric clinic before the presentation of PARO, so we had them contrast it with the video to make it easier to understand. These are some of the selected representative media (sorry, Japanese only)
Toyama-born PARO heals displaced Ukrainian children (
NHK Metropolitan
Seal-like Robots Used to Provide Psychological Care for Ukrainian Evacuees
North Japan Newspaper
Thanked by Ukrainian evacuees, Nanto’s venture donated the healing robot “Paro”.
Healing Robot” Born in Toyama: Seal-Shaped Robot “Paro” Heals Children of Displaced Ukrainian Residents in Poland(TOYAMA TV) – Yahoo! Japan News
PARO Website
ITA Wellness Team

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