The U.S. Japan Manufacturing Suppliers Partnership Meeting 2022

Maximize your Supply chain resources

1-on-1 Meet the TOP 10 Japanese Prototyping & Fabrication Specialty Companies 

● Dates:

Feb. 2, 2022 – Feb. 24, 2022 Now Mar. 24, 2022(Mon. ~ Thu.) 


03:00 PM – 05:00 PM CST 

(30 minutes increment per company) 

06:00 AM – 08:00 AM Japan Time

Fees/Admission: Complimentary, RSVP

●Platform: Zoom / MS Teams 

TOP 10 Japan Prototyping and Fabrication Experts

In Support of Making the U.S. Manufacturing Stronger

~ Preparing for Stronger Suppliers Base and Accelerate Time-to-Commercialize ~

The emerging technologies and products are on the rise with industry sector-less, in drones, electronic devices, med tech, EVs and so many others. 


Yet, due to the Covid and global supply-chain disruptions are significant and widespread affecting many manufacturers prototyping and precision fabrications to market the products to sell. We are working to address both short- and long-term suppliers capability issues and supply chain issues. 


During such difficult times, how can we quickly find the top suppliers of “who may be able to fabricate the inside surface of metal rods with the diameter of hair?” can be tough, for instance. 


This time, by partnering with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)* Chicago Office, we are here to provide the leading U.S. manufacturers with the opportunity to learn about the top-notch Japanese prototyping and fabrication experts. Out of a few hundred prequalified leading top fabricators in Japan, we have selected these top 10 companies to introduce and hope that you will be able to learn and collaborate with them in the future to enhance your precision parts suppliers base.


These small quantity precision parts can be shipped via FedEx/UPS quickly to fulfill your supply chain and also as additional resources for your organization.


Please click the Button to register for the event and select the desired dates and times to arrange the meetings.  


We provide the toughest metalworking (cutting, bending, hole making, and others) complex shapes fabrications in the Chicago area, Detroit area in the Midwest, Southern California through our best machinists and fabrication partners. Let us know your challenges or simply send us the drawings for a quote.  From Prototypes to mass production, we hope to be the last piece of your business puzzle to enhance your overall products and projects.  


Major Materials Supported:  

Inconel, SUS, Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Kovar, Titanium, Tungsten, PEEK, Polyimide, Nickel, Permalloy, Silver, Platinum, Niobium, Hastelloy, Tantalum, Brass, Magnesium, Pure, Fabrications


Industries Served:

Medical, Automotive, EV, Aerospace, Electronic, Healthcare, ISO 13485, ZOOM, Meeting, miniature, micro, nano, machining, machinists, fabricators, fabrication, metal, toughest, TOP 10, Inconel, Micron, Smallest

🎦 Watch the Summary of 10 potential partners on our YouTube!

Thank you for your consideration for this very precious opportunity and look forward to your response.  

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