1st Global Kids Judo Network GKJN CUP & 25th Tohkon Classic

1st Global Kids Judo Network GKJN CUP & 25th Tohkon Classic

The U.S. Japan Manufacturing Suppliers Partnership Meeting 2022

The U.S. Japan Manufacturing Suppliers Partnership Meeting 2022. The event is free with limited spaces. Please register ASAP.

By partnering with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)* Chicago Office, we are here to provide the leading U.S. manufacturers with the opportunity to learn about the top-notch Japanese prototyping and fabrication experts.

Japan Food Exhibition & Tea Tasting Seminar in Chicago 2021

Japan Food Exhibition & Tea Tasting Seminar in Chicago 2021 introduces many high-quality Japanese food products such as Whiskey, Sake, Yuzu products, Tea, Wasabi, Rice, Spices, etc, which you may taste while meeting with all of our exhibitors. Also, we are going to organize a Japanese tea education seminar.

ITA Products and Solutions (Distributors Wanted)

I.T.A. Inc. is the NO.1 solution to your Business and Technology. Specialize in perfecting in your business. Looking for US distributors to carry these high-quality products/solutions developed by Japanese Manufacturers. Please contact us at info@itaoffice.com for more information!

Top Japanese MRO Distributor Welcomes Their Centennial Anniversary

Congratulations to Meiji Denki for another big milestone, their 100th Anniversary! They have been solving manufacturing sites’ various technical issues to enhance the manufacturing quality, automation (FA), efficiencies and consistencies. Congratulations!!!🎊
“Making Japanese Manufacturing Stronger” At I.T.A., Inc., we would like to congratulate MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. & MEIJI group for their 100 Years of Continuous Support for Japanese Manufacturing Stronger!

VIRTUAL APACC 18th Annual Buyers Event

We have uploaded about 8 mini-videos of the contents required for virtual sales and the virtual exhibition pattern on our YouTube. This time, the 18th annual APACC purchasing event (virtual event) was an event centered on Michigan’s automobile industry (although the location is no longer limited). Vfair and Swapcard have been used as the platformsContinue reading “VIRTUAL APACC 18th Annual Buyers Event”

Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications

A must-see YouTube featuring the best bending, twisting, resistant industrial and factory automation cables. OKI’s Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications【OKI公式】 Bendable. Twistable. This video introduces Oki Electric Cable’s robot cables, featuring excellent resistance to bending and twisting. Oki Electric Cable offers a wide range of robot cables that are highly resistant to bending and twisting.Continue reading “Robot Cables for Highly Flexible & Robust Applications”

Super RFID Presented on RFID Journal

Thanks to RFID Journal on the article on our Smart Co., Chiyoda Corp and SkymatiX have tested the new tag with an RFID reading drone to capture tag reads at long distances, even in the presence of metal. Look forward to working with Smart Co. in USA and North America. Looking for collaboration with R&D,Continue reading “Super RFID Presented on RFID Journal”

Super RFID Gives You Better Idea

Smart corp. has developed the Long Range Ultra Universal Smart Tag which shows 66.0 ft. to 98.0 ft. (20m to 30m) Long Range performance on the metal. The tag could be used under severe condition as shadowy condition etc. Solve your problems under metal, humidity or wet environment!

The New York Times – PARO Robot

We support sales of medical equipment (FDA acquired) and nursing robot PARO in the United States. This time, the nursing robot PARO was published in NY TIMES. With the new normal of corona sickness, it is no longer just effective for patients with autism and Alzheimer’s dementia.