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Super RFID Construction

Smart corp. has developed the Long Range Ultra Universal Smart Tag which shows 66.0 ft. to 98.0 ft. (20m to 30m) Long Range performance on the metal. The tag could be used under severe condition as shadowy conditions etc. Solve your problems under metal, humidity or wet environment!


  1. Super Long Readable Range on Metal Surface
    98.0 ft. to 102.0 ft. readable with 1W handy reader.
Super RFID Long Readable Distance
  1. Detectable in Water and Metal Box

Suprise 1! Can read a tag in water! Submerged UltraSmartTag(Life Save Tag)

Super RFID Detectable in water

Suprise 2! Can read a tag in metal box

Products Line Up :

Case Study

  1. Material Management from the air with Drone
    Super RFID has shown high marks at the actual proof test at the material storage plant site by favor of the plant material control system developed by SkymatiX and Chiyoda Corp. The system will reduce the labor cost extremely.

  1. Metal or Wet Material Management in Warehouse
    Metal parts or Wet material are not easy to sensing using with normal RFID but SMART Super RFID can detect this material even on a metal surface or wet type of material base on special patented detective capability.

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