Energy Saving, Security & Compliance Magic Window Glass/Film

Is your building or house spending a lot of on the air conditioner in summer? We have been exporting the magic glass and films to Japan for ten years, and they can save your bill! In the midsummer, they have optimized the indoor temperature by reducing approximately 12°C (21.6°F) and cut up to 99% of the UV light. Besides, for the corporate application, we have also introduced and demonstrated magic glass, such as one-button frosted glass, so that the information does not leak.

Some films hold 98% of glass against a sever destructive test and prove its high performance. This performance makes it difficult to penetrate from window glass and effect as crime and disaster prevention.

They are part of the ISO related compliance film/glass Please see the videos of the product below!

[Energy saving, heat shield, anti-theft film/glass]

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