【ITA Virtual Room】 – MBE: PPE VGTS

We thank MBDA, Sacramento MBDA, CALASIAN for hosting and giving us the opportunity to exhibit at the virtual PPE VGTS event. It was a great experience.

Sponsored by: https://www.sacramentombda.com/

This time was an event sponsored by the Sacramento MBDA Export Center. When we exhibited at this online virtual exhibition, we felt once again that getting used to the digital economy was important. The differences between newspapers, magazines, and online information are close and each has its advantages. However, we were surprised to see a few inquiries came very soon, without knowing when they were coming.

We are looking forward to seeing and attending more virtual trade show, and to partnering with the companies which can help our client build up virtual events.


If you are interested in the collaboration, please contact us immediately!

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