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The Latest U.S. Products to Japan

Every month, we send the latest U.S. product technologies from Chicago to Japan. Time flies! Since the last shipment on March 19th, in a blink of an eye, another shipment was sent on April 16th.

International Logistics

Logistics at the Port of Los Angeles is likely to gradually recover. Air freight would flow out all at once. This month, we consolidated various industrial products from US domestic manufacturers to Chicago and export to Niigata🚀, Oita🚀, Tokyo🚀, Kyoto🚀, Hokkaido🚀.

April 2021 Sample Shipment from the US to Japan

Please watch the below video to see what samples we shipped out in April 2021.

Focused Topics on U.S. Product Selection

● Energy saving ● Labor saving ● Remote / remote ● ESG
● Products used for eCommerce-related ● Special materials

Our Main U.S. Sales / Exports

Chemicals / Materials

Special chemicals, special films, special electronic glass, special paper, commercial materials, special materials Adhesives / cholesterol sources, special print sleeves

Materials, liquid crystal materials, new materials, special leather fabrics, moss eye materials, special oil absorption mats, flexographic non-woven fabrics,

Environment-related / heat shield window film, special ink, security products, special stone materials, special raw materials, energy saving / bio latent, special perforated metal sheets, CFRTP/CFTP

Heat storage material, pickling tank, skid cap, etc.

Machinery / Equipment 

Material Handling Equipment, Construction Machinery / Construction Equipment, Encapsulation Machinery, Propulsion Equipment, High-altitude / Aerial Work Vehicles, Industrial Machinery, Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Equipment, Printing-related Equipment, Special Printers, Lithium Ion Charge / Discharge Test Equipment , Battery / Harness crimper machines, Steel mill related equipment, MRO products, Matehan equipment, Production efficiency / control software, Industrial needles, Ultrasonic cleaners, Rubber plate cutters, Hologram original plates / shims, Crushers / Volume reduction machines, decorative films, etc. 

IT / software 

IOT devices, RFID tags, RFID readers, PCs, servers, network equipment, management systems for manufacturing sites, and image processing, plate making, data conversion, production schedulers, ERP, KINTONE , AI Proto, CAE tools, these related / peripheral equipment / parts, research / development system, etc. 


ESG related, for teleworking / teleworking, work efficiency tools and products, rental / event supplies, miscellaneous goods, antique furniture, musical instruments, etc. Retail related products, licensed products, green tea, PPE, ETC.

We not only help you as a Japanese exporter (designated exporting agent in Japan), we also act as a wholesaler/distributor for the U.S. and other countries to sell to the Japanese companies. 

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