【ITA Media】55 years of Osaka and Chicago Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago

Support locally, special thanks to World Business Chicago and all of the supporting organizations for the Japanese companies.

Chicago and Osaka are not only sister cities, but the exchanges and mutual support of chambers of commerce, municipal administration, and other key organizations. Both cities have collaboratively supported the activities of the Japanese community for 55 years.

Osaka Business Development Agency supports Japanese companies including overseas expansion. ITA can support by strengthening the collaboration with local excellent organizations such as World Business Chicago, which is also aiming to expand into the world from the United States (Chicago). Everyone’s support would be greatly appreciated and helpful.

A discussion between both organizations and our company ITA was published in the April 2021 issue of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago, reported by Mr. Susumu Saito, Executive Director of the Osaka Business Development Agency.

In the future, we will accelerate cooperation across all boundaries of specific autonomy/regions, organizations, industries and expand to the virtual groups. Business activities would be terms and conditions with regional contributions. + ESG.

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