Okutani Thermoplastic CFRP

Joint development with Toray Group

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which is a lightweight and high-strength material, is gaining attention as it is used in aircraft and high-speed railways. The current mainstream CFRP is thermosetting CFRP that uses a thermosetting resin (does not return to its original state when heated) such as epoxy as the resin base material.

These conventional thermosetting CFRPs require,

  1. refrigeration equipment,
  2. long production time (low mass productivity),
  3. post-processing is difficult, and
  4. recycling is extremely difficult

Those requirements and difficulties bring the result of high manufacturing costs.

On the other hand, thermoplastic CFRP is relatively inexpensive to manufacture because it can,

  1. be stored at room temperature
  2. has excellent mass productivity,
  3. easily post-process, and
  4. be recycled.

It is recommended for speaker cover. Using it in automotive, it can achieve lighter weight and greater strength than metal. Both characters are very important for automotive. In addition, the sound is much better than metals. Also, its non-rusting characteristics make it suitable for speaker covers in theme parks near the sea.

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