Cylinder Guard : Unique and Brand New Armor


A steel cylinder guard has been conventionally installed to protect the hydraulic cylinders which play an important operating part in an excavator.

The steel cylinder guard achieves the purpose of protecting the hydraulic cylinder to some extent, but once the guard body is deformed or damaged due to collision with rubble, etc., it will interfere with the highly accurate reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder.

If the hydraulic oil leaks from the inside of the hydraulic cylinder where ultra-high pressure is applied, the performance of the hydraulic cylinder deteriorates. Not only that, but hydraulic oil can also cause soil contamination. The protection of hydraulic cylinders is a very important issue from an environmental perspective.

In addition, the steel plate cylinder guard is heavy and has a complicated structure. It will decrease the fuel efficiency and make it difficult to repair and replace at the construction site, which leads to stagnation of construction and prolongs noise pollution, thus increasing the environmental load. Onerall, it is extremely expensive and has a heavy load on the end user from the standpoint of operating cost as well (a few hundred to a few thousand per installation cost).

Borg flexible guard can solve all the problems, following

  1. Strong, light and elastic
  2. Easy to replace at site
  3. Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  4. Cost-effective

The manufacturer conducted a field trial at an actual construction site over a period of time to confirm sufficient durability and the ease of replacement when damaged. In April of last year (2019), the resin cylinder guard “BORG” officially announced in Japan.

Available in USA soon…..

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