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Enspirea Machine Reporting
Enspirea Machine Reporting

Servitization is becoming increasingly popular with machine manufacturers. However, the challenge of moving from product-based business models to service-based ones is the limited budget and resources.

Machine Reporting Positioning
Machine Reporting Positioning

End-users wish to maximize the operating time of the machines. To achieve that, they use the machine at a high utilization rate and a low downtime rate. For the most part, the longer a machine is used, the more it is worn out. Providing a high-quality product is essential and relatively easy. However, how to distinguish the needs of after-sales service based on different usage frequency is somewhat tricky.

Therefore, Machine Reporting can solve the problems and build a win-win relationship between the manufacturers and the end-users by

Advantage of Machine Reporting
Advantages of Machine Reporting
  • Preventing end-users from using third party’s parts,
  • Grasping the status and quality of sold machines instantly,
  • Improving the quality of service and consumer experience,
  • Notifying both sides when the consumables parts need to be replaced,
  • Reducing downtime costs,
  • Optimizing the machine condition, and
  • Providing troubleshooting support information.

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