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Acty System THOMAS Globe

Acty System Co. Ltd, established in November, 1996, has over 300+ engineers from 13 locations across India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and US supporting overseas expansion of manufacturing industry.

Acty System Global Location
Acty supports customers across Japan, ASIA & US

Acty’s Strength

  • Excellent bilingual employees with Japanese knowledge
  • 300+ Globel engineers
  • 100+ Bilingual engineers
  • Offshore teams(India, China, Myanmar) for scale and cost benefit
  • Integrate the Japanese business ideologies and values.
Acty Services
Acty Services

Acty’s products: THOMAS Series
Highly Customizable Package Solutions and scalable products tailored to Customer’s business for Sales & Production Management with over 20+ Year of implementation experience.


THOMAS GLOBE is a Sales & Production Management System that is built on home grown platform (TeLAS) and is suited for small & medium scale enterprises.

  • Base package + Customizations
  • Built on home grown Platform (TeLAS) that allows high scalability and security
  • Template based design that enables quick deployment
  • Simple, easy to use system that does not require dedicated IT teams
  • Module based system that allows step-up implementation
  • 200+ Implementations across ASIA
THOMAS Globe Overview and Features

It is designed to support global customers who work in a multi cultural environment and need highly tailored work flow to support their operations.

Module & Features
Module & Features
Product Overview Trading Module
Product Overview Trading Module
Product Overview Inventory Module
Product Overview Production Module
Product Overview QMS Module
Product Overview QMS Module

We just listed up the standard products of THOMAS Series. There will be another post introducing other great products. If you can’t wait, or you are interested in any Module, please contact us immediately!

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