【ITA Sustainability】Food Waste Solution

We must save food wastes. In order to be sustainable, the right solutions must be in place.

Packaged Food Waste Recycling Systems.

When doing grocery shopping, we always check on the expiration date before we put the packaged food in the cart. Every day, there are tons of thousands of food expired on the shelves.

According to a 2020 research by RTS, the United States is not only the global leader in economy and technology but also in food waste. There are 80 billion pounds (nearly 40 million tons) of food is thrown away each year in the US. Most end up in landfills. Please let us know if the below equipment may be introduced to any related North American Companies/Organizations. The Food Waste Recycling Solutions from Japan will and can improve human society. Watch this brief introduction to the North American market.

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