Revolutionary Technology – Automatic Mesh Generating System

As a Certified MBE, we are pleased to inform you of our partnership with a Japanese company, Integral Technology!

General Mesher Software could not be automated with your company’s own meshing rules, but now it can be automated without replacing your software.

Integral’s system can automate all processes of Product Design (Mesh Generation on Altair HyperMesh) and reduce the design time by 93%. This would reduce lead-time, costs and engineers labor greatly per attached. Daily output of assembly durability, noise and vibration simulation results can greatly improve the efficiency of design and development.

All industries, parts and applications.

  • Automobile
  • Aircraft
  • Bridge
  • Electronics
  • Ship
  • Train
  • etc.

All problems that could not be solved by existing software can be automated. (e.g. Mesh creation, error handling, shape recognition, design change recognition)

Mesh creation, error handling, shape recognition, design change recognition
The features of Integral’s system.
All processes including the above are automated without human intervention.
The software takes over all these processes automatically!

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