List of Projects (Up-to-date)

As of April, 2020 Recent New Projects: New Wellness Technology U.S. Marketing Marketing of Wellness (Health Products) in U.S. Rehabilitation Device Market Research Automotive/Environmental New Material Application Market Research Specialty Retail Robot Preliminary Market Research SNS Support and Website Creation for Asia New Production Plant U.S. Site – Feasibility Study Global Business Person Training ServicesContinue reading “List of Projects (Up-to-date)”

Highly Customizable ERP System

Acty System THOMAS Globe Acty System Co. Ltd, established in November, 1996, has over 300+ engineers from 13 locations across India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and US supporting overseas expansion of manufacturing industry. Acty’s Strength Acty’s products: THOMAS SeriesHighly Customizable Package Solutions and scalable products tailored to Customer’s business for Sales & Production Management with overContinue reading “Highly Customizable ERP System”

Increasing Sales for Machine Manufacturers

Machine Reporting – ENSPIREA LLC Servitization is becoming increasingly popular with machine manufacturers. However, the challenge of moving from product-based business models to service-based ones is the limited budget and resources. End-users wish to maximize the operating time of the machines. To achieve that, they use the machine at a high utilization rate and aContinue reading “Increasing Sales for Machine Manufacturers”

Cylinder Guard : Unique and Brand New Armor

AMAJYU BORG A steel cylinder guard has been conventionally installed to protect the hydraulic cylinders which play an important operating part in an excavator. The steel cylinder guard achieves the purpose of protecting the hydraulic cylinder to some extent, but once the guard body is deformed or damaged due to collision with rubble, etc., itContinue reading “Cylinder Guard : Unique and Brand New Armor”

Okutani Thermoplastic CFRP

Joint development with Toray Group Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which is a lightweight and high-strength material, is gaining attention as it is used in aircraft and high-speed railways. The current mainstream CFRP is thermosetting CFRP that uses a thermosetting resin (does not return to its original state when heated) such as epoxy as theContinue reading “Okutani Thermoplastic CFRP”


Authentic Highest-Quality Green Tea in Japan LILIKU, launched in October 2019, is a Japanese tea brand owned by empapilio, Inc (“empapilio”), Tokyo based company. They have been working together with a small, family-owned tea farm that does not allow mass production but continues to make good quality tea, and they are working together to realizeContinue reading “LILIKU Tea 🍵”