【ITA Sustainability】Food Waste Solution

According to a 2020 research by RTS, there are 80 billion pounds (nearly 40 million tons) of food is thrown away each year in the US. The Food Waste Recycling Solutions from Japan will and can improve human society. Watch this brief introduction to the North American market.

【ITA Marketing + Virtual Room】

ITA, Inc. is to Launch ITA Show Room to Present our Remote and Virtual Exhibitions, Events and More….  Let your Products and Technologies Stand Out in the Virtual & Remote WORLD! Making the Digital Products to Real Touch & Feel, to the Digital Space Also to manage the digital traffic online and virtual. In ITA VirtualContinue reading “【ITA Marketing + Virtual Room】”

Doing Business Effectively with Japanese Companies ⑦

If you want to be working for or working with the leading Japanese companies, people, hope you understand all of the essences that are driving the way they are and doing things their ways.

Virtual Global Trade Show

The Sacramento Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Export Center introduces the first Virtual Global Trade Show, connecting US businesses to international opportunities from the safety of their own home. In light of the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, the model for sourcing new business opportunities, brokering trade deals, and conducting commercial transactions has shifted toContinue reading “Virtual Global Trade Show”

Doing Business Effectively with Japanese Companies ⑥

“HO-REN-SOU Is A MUST” One of the most important business practices is shared in Episode ⑥. What is Ho-Ren-Sou? Do you Ho-Ren-Sou? Watch Episode ⑥ and improve the way of the communication either with clients or your internal team. PREVIOUS Clip ① PREVIOUS Clip ② PREVIOUS Clip ③ PREVIOUS Clip ④ PREVIOUS Clip ⑤